Why post on the Vintage Bulletin?

Maybe you're not into blogs, or maybe you already have your own blog, so why would you want to post on the Vintage Bulletin? Because it is a quick, free and easy way for you to promote what you are selling, or to share your collection or your knowledge and love of vintage clothing and accessories with others.

Maybe you don't have the know-how or time to establish your own blog, then you can use the Vintage Bulletin for posting. If you already have your own blog, it's alright to do a duplicate post on the Vintage Bulletin - this won't take away visitors to your blog, it will give more exposure to your content - and exposure to content is what it's all about, especially when you are selling online.

Blog content is cataloged into search engines like Google much faster than website content (especially since this blog is hosted by Blogspot which is part of Google) For example, a post about Lady Duff Lingerie started showing up in Google search results in less than 2 days. So the more content that you have out there on the internet, the more likely readers and shoppers are going to find you.

Once you join, you can post as often as you like. Be sure to include the name of your shop and a link to your website. Use relevant keywords and topics, but don't be spammy. All I ask is that you post a link to the blog somewhere and that you post in the blog at least once a month to remain a member (there is a limit to the number of members the blog can have and there is currently a waiting list to join)

I have nothing to gain personally from this blog (other than wild fame for coming up with the idea) I'm just using it to plug my own website, just like everyone else. The blog only works if people post actively, and they post about content that readers want to see and read.