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Love Vintage Clothing? Then get the latest news, eye candy and sale info from a variety of vintage clothing sellers and collectors at the Vintage Bulletin Blog.

The Vintage Bulletin is a multi-poster blog about vintage clothing, lingerie, jewelry and other accessories, along with the Vintage Lifestyle and collecting in general.

Posts are from various vintage sellers and collectors. The posts are informational, sharing, promotional and pure vintage eyecandy. All are welcome to join as regular posters or to add comments.
The Vintage Bulletin Blog features posts from over 90 members who contribute to the blog. The mission is to promote, share and educate the public about vintage clothing.

*Vintage clothing buyers are encouraged to share photos and stories of their vintage purchases.
*Posts with history, vintage clothing news and events, or creative writing about vintage clothing are encouraged!

*Sellers can post about the great items that they are currently offering and also let buyers know about their current promotions or discounts.

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