Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christina Gregg 1960's actress & model

Christina Gregg  a 1960's actress and model  starred in the  tv series Danger man and The Saint. She later married lawyer Alan Joelson (first cousin of the great jazz singer). After giving birth to two sons Elliot and Daniel she decided to concentrate on modelling and a cosmetic venture based on a Vitamin E forumula. Through her work she travelled all over the world and in 1963  spent 3 weeks at the British Trade Fair in Moscow.


Alan Gould said...

Have just seen the film'Don't Talk To Strange
Men' from 1962 starring Christina Gregg.
God,she was gorgeous and it was a great
little film-the sort this country would never
make now.
Saw this on Talking Movies TV-it's full of
hidden gems like this.

Mike Pugl said...

When was she born someone please let me know mikpug@aol.com
or let me know on Mike 07788 100177