Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Good Read: Vintage Fashion Jewelry

I realized it had been a bit since I had posted here and wanted to share all the work I've been doing. has become a central location for the new blog as well, which covers vintage fashion accessories- our obsession here!  Lot of site work over the past months to bring the Accessories Memoirs blog alive. I just posted a review of two important books about fashion jewelry, which released recently: Lou Lou de La Falaise The Glamorous Romantic and Maison Goossens- Haute Couture Jewelry.  

Maison Goossens is a great read for those interested in vintage couture French fashion jewelry, it gives us some important info regarding his designs, training and work for Chanel.  See my review for more details.

Here is a bit on Lou Lou if you aren't familiar, follow the link above for more info!

Her relationship with Yves Saint Laurent was a deep and meaningful partnership, which produced so many outstanding fashion accessories and beyond.  I found her years spent working after YSL and her work ethic overall very inspiring.  The images of her creations for Yves are illuminated by how she actually wore jewelry throughout the images accompanying the text.  The photographs of her style are much welcomed and absolutely essential.  There are various examples of her jewelry designs done in the 70s-80s.  

Also, lots of new topics coming including more on vintage Gripoix and a Ferragamo shoes.  Go through the archives for our collection of articles on jewelry exhibits, Native American Jewelry, interviews about vintage costumes, images of jewelry by Diane Love for Trifari, Willy Van Rooy iconic fashion model on her time with YSL and more....

Early Gripoix piece from important archive, coming soon.

Lou Lou de La Falaise, image from text. rights reserved.

Ferragamo shoes covered on instagram and the blog. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christina Gregg 1960's actress & model

Christina Gregg  a 1960's actress and model  starred in the  tv series Danger man and The Saint. She later married lawyer Alan Joelson (first cousin of the great jazz singer). After giving birth to two sons Elliot and Daniel she decided to concentrate on modelling and a cosmetic venture based on a Vitamin E forumula. Through her work she travelled all over the world and in 1963  spent 3 weeks at the British Trade Fair in Moscow.