Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cardigan Clips, a (Sweater) Girl's Best Friend

Today was muggy and uncomfortable but earlier this week I felt fall sneaking up on me. I can't say that I'm thrilled.

I don't love cold weather but I do love sweaters. And not only do I love sweaters, I love sweater clips. Also called cardigan clips and sweater guards, they're both handy and stylish. Some are pretty simple:

available on Etsy
Some get crazy-fancy.

Actress Sylvia Sidney wearing the most blinged out sweater clips I've ever seen
Sweater clips were the perfect solution to those pesky cardigans that never stayed put when you draped them just so over the shoulder. I have some but I think it might be time to stock up. I love these smaller, simple goldtone ones:
And I definitely get a lot of wear out of these.
 But may it's time to get fancy like Ms. Sidney! Do you wear sweater clips?
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