Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Singing in the Rain in Vintage Rain Gear from Noble Savage Vintage

The best cure for those rainy day blues, it being prepared with chic and sleek gear that will have you singing in the rain rather than running for cover.  These pieces will keep you prepared for, and dare I say looking forward to, the next Spring Shower.  

The Rain-Paka Traveler by David Smith is an ingenious invention.  Cut in the classic trenchcoat style and fabricated in a bold and chic oversized houndstooth printed nylon, this RainPaka is both a statement piece and a great utilitarian style.  It actually folds up into a zippered compartment in it's own pocket.  Keep it in your day tote and you will always be prepared for a sudden shower.  Purchase this with the Red tote below and you will be the envy of all.  

Rain-Paka Traveler by David Smith

 This very chic lipstick red Weatherbee raincoat features classic and elegant styling in an eye popping color.  It's sleeves are 3/4 Length making it a great companion for your Spring gloves.  

1960s Red Raincoat by Weatherbee

Wouldn't you agree that this sweet, baby blue Vintage London Fog Raincoat in it's A-line silhouette just screams for a great pair of galoshes?  Comfy, cute and timeless.

Vintage London Fog Rain Coat in Baby Blue

 A Classic trenchcoat updated in a feminine shade of green is enough to brighten any rainy day.  Also great for sunny days.  Very Spy-chic when paired with your oversized sunglasses and patterned scarf.

1970's Green Raincoat Trenchcoat

You will never again be unprepared for a sudden shower with this fabulous red patent vinyl rain tote with matching umbrella in your collection.

1960s Red Patent Vinyl Lace Up Purse with Umbrella

The umbrella stores neatly in the  lace up compartment on the outside of the bag so that all of your possessions inside, will always be dry.  Purchase this with the Rain-Paka and you are set.

1960s Red Patent Vinyl Lace Up Purse with Umbrella

Please stay tuned as I also have a nice little collection of Vintage umbrellas from the 1930's, 40's, and 50's coming soon...

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