Saturday, November 2, 2013


 We love these classic vintage varsity sweaters, but especially this one we have for sale pictured below. It's from the early 60's. It looks so cute with jeans & a T-shirt or with skirts. They come in all colors and emblems. Red and white seems to be the most classic. They're still relevant today in fashion and we don't think they will ever go out of style. Here at Posh Girl Vintage we love to mix the old with the new, especially these vintage varsity sweaters and jackets. We're a fan of the prep style but with a little edge. Both men and women can wear them. Men look especially cool when they're worn with a tie. Below we added a variety of photos both old and new.

A LITTLE HISTORY: It seems Harvard was the 1st school to start using the letterman sweater in 1865. Their baseball team added an Old English 'H' embroidered on their gray flannel shirt. Then their football team started to use the 'H' in 1875. It was given to the most important players. They've evolved ever since.
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