Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fashion in "The Diviners"

Over on my blog, I'm giving away a copy of "The Diviners", a mystery, occult thriller set in New York in 1926. It's a fun book, huge but a great read. And though it doesn't have pictures, there's great attention to fashion.

The main character Evie is obviously a flapper, and she loves her painted stockings:


Evie puts on a sequined headband to go to a speak in the Village with her fabulous New York friends. I'd like to think that if Evie had the money, she'd go all out with a rhinestone one like this number:

Evie also has a fancy coat she's very proud of. The coat and its yellow lining play a big part in the story's crazy, creepy finale.


And! One of her best friends is a Ziegfeld girl. Here's Barbara Stanwyck in her Ziegfeld days, circa 1924. She looks incredible and I love the sheer skirt of her dress.
Read more about Evie's incredible clothes and her adventures in "The Diviners". Enter the giveaway here!

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