Monday, August 12, 2013

To Have and To Hold.....

Don't you just love weddings?

I read last month's post on wedding gowns and so loved it that I decided to continue the wedding theme for my post this month.

More and more gals are going vintage when purchasing a wedding gown. From the practical point of the savings to wanting something "old" yet exquisite.

There are so many eras to choose from when searching for a gown. Fabrics back in the day were quality fabrics with many details from pearls to rhinestones.

 If you love the Titanic period, Downton Abbey style dresses can be found that are vintage. You can find the real 1910-1920 period gowns or some from the 1970's that are inspired by that period and are still vintage.

Vintage dresses are great for destination weddings. Especially dresses from the 1960s that are sheaths with removable overcoats. Short Mad Men style wedding dresses are easy to pack and are mod and fashionable.

You can save a lot of money buying a quality vintage dress that will have history and make a unique statement at your wedding.

Below, I am featuring some wedding dresses from my Etsy store. They show different styles from different eras.
1950s all lace
1960s Emma Domb
1970's Edwardian Inspired Gown
1960's short sheath with overcoat

1960's brocade overcoat with sleeveless matching sheath dress underneath the coat.

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