Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cadoro Collection: Shop update-Jewelry for some summer color!

Cadoro has long been loved among vintage collectors and wearers. I definitely hold a torch for this iconic haute hippie brand. I'm also celebrating the Mad museum exhibit/book here in NYC, which contains some of the 4,000 pieces of vintage and designer costume jewelry from the collection of Barbara Berger.  I wanted to discuss the Cadoro and celebrate the shop pieces in honor of vintage costume jewelry. There is just something mesmerizing about the colors, textures, fibers, metals, and overall modern yet earthy designs.  I of course gravitate towards the largest of the Cadoro pieces, as well as those vibrant fun necklaces- many of which I have in my own vintage jewelry collection.

Read about the history of the brand and the so called NYC "vault.  I have a yummy colorful visual feast of Cadoro on the blog, included in shop update and at sarara vintage

Here is a little teaser:

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