Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cadoro Collection: Shop update-Jewelry for some summer color!

Cadoro has long been loved among vintage collectors and wearers. I definitely hold a torch for this iconic haute hippie brand. I'm also celebrating the Mad museum exhibit/book here in NYC, which contains some of the 4,000 pieces of vintage and designer costume jewelry from the collection of Barbara Berger.  I wanted to discuss the Cadoro and celebrate the shop pieces in honor of vintage costume jewelry. There is just something mesmerizing about the colors, textures, fibers, metals, and overall modern yet earthy designs.  I of course gravitate towards the largest of the Cadoro pieces, as well as those vibrant fun necklaces- many of which I have in my own vintage jewelry collection.

Read about the history of the brand and the so called NYC "vault.  I have a yummy colorful visual feast of Cadoro on the blog, included in shop update and at sarara vintage

Here is a little teaser:

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mad Men Madness! " The times they are a 'changin"

Many listings of vintage items for sale today say "Mad Men Style". This is how we can stylishly describe the fabulous fashions that this show has shown starting with the early 1960's.
Season 6 of the AMC popular show Mad Men has really started trending some great fashions from the late 1960's to the early 1970's.

This show carefully researches the attire from that period. This season has covered historical events as the assassination for Martin Luther King Jr. as well as that of Robert Kennedy.

All these events plus the major drama at the agency and home life has made for some great wardrobes.

Below, you will see some of the trends going on in season six of Mad Men.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An interview with Diane Love for Trifari: Her Jewelry Designs of the 1970s.

Diane Love's designs for Trifari have become beloved by vintage jewelry collectors.  Since she first began designing in the 70s her for Bergdorf and then Trifari, her work has more than doubled in value. Over the years many designs have been attributed to Love that are indeed not hers, due to the fact that her jewelry for Trifari was not signed. They originally only had an identifying hang tag with her name on it and box.  I felt it especially important to interview Diane about her body of work for this reason, as well as to celebrate the jewelry as she intended, as wearable works of art. During the interview process, I learned various details which illustrated the story of her Trifari collections as a whole, as well as how she approached the designing of the pieces. This examination of the specific differences and characteristics of the Diane Love /Trifari collection is discussed below. During her interview she clarified for me the specific characteristics to look for when trying to identify a Diane Love design. You may recognize some of her book pieces, but few have really been archived. The lack of reference material also adds to the misidentification of some Trifari designs as Love's. After she stopped designing for Trifari, they continued to create jewelry with ethnic themes and these are often misattributed to Diane. These brightly colored, less detailed interpretations that Trifari produced were not based on actual artifacts, but were more loose interpretations of cultural art.  A very different approach form Diane's.   
Diane Love archive image, Sassanian Disc.  rights reserved.

I wanted to post the link to the rest of the article/interview and coming visual archive of her work, I think jewelry lovers will enjoy reading about her process and the images of the iconic Diane Love for Trifari.

Diane Love for Trifari, 1970s ad.

Lot of new vintage jewelry arrivals at Sarara Vintage Couture:

1960s William de Lillo necklace. Image Sarara Vintage Couture.

1960s Cadoro Coral enamel cuff. Sarara Vintage Couture.

1920s chiffon beaded flapper frock frock.  Sarara Vintage on etsy.
Art Deco celluloid bead necklace in a rainbow of vibrant color. Sarara Vintage  etsy.

Mid Century Mod Accessocraft Necklace.

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