Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer in New York: Lush Greens and Vibrant Prints at Sarara Vintage

As it finally warms up here in NY, I wanted to highlight the new summer looks that have arrived at Sarara Vintage. To celebrate the dress, I posted about vintage wedding dress styles from the 1800s-1970s.  There are a number of new ones in the shop as well as fresh fun print dresses, with more coming soon.  There is a long enduring history of skirts and dresses which they come in many forms. You can check out some articles such as the history of women's dresses and the remarkable history of the dress.  Also, there are some fun spots such as nymag's 50 most scandalous dresses in history. I love art deco magic of the 30s gown designs for a evening look and the 70s boho cotton dress for a comfortable style that I can wear with my favorite jewelry.  The 60s dresses in their simple cuts and great prints are always a hit!  So stop by for some fun frocks and vibrant accessories!

Summer Green Accessories-see them at and Sarara Vintage:

1960s-70s Maltese Cross,

Vintage Summer Prints and Dresses: 

1960s Pink Horse Dress and Lotus tunic. Sarara Vintage
Edwardian dress. Sarara Vintage/Shary Connella image, rights reserved.
1950s vintage dress. Sarara Vintage image by Shary Connella, rights reserved.
1960s Adele Simpson dress, Sarara Vintage.
1950s-60s print dress. Sarara Vintage.
1950s silk print dress. Sarara Vintage.
1930s print dress, image Shary Connella for Sarara Vintage, rights reserved. 

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