Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christian Dior and his hats

Here is a little information on the amazing Christian Dior:

He was the son of an affluent manufacturer of fertilizer and chemicals.

Christian attended the School of Political Science. From there he served in the military in 1927.

He opened an art gallery in Paris in 1928. His family was ruined by the 1931 depression.
Christian decided to travel to Russia and upon his return, found his gallery in ruin. He spent many years living hand to mouth and became seriously ill.

He decided to learn tapestry and weaving and from that started making sketches. He sold sketches for a fashion magazine.

His most popular sketches were of hats.

After improving on his clothing sketches, he was hired by Robert Piguet to make dresses and then became one of his top designers.

Years later, he was backed by a friend and began his first successful collection.

Many people never realized that Christian Dior was highly superstitious. He believed in the importance of good luck. He regularly consulted with fortune tellers for important decisions.

His label is sought by collectors. Timeless pieces. They fetch great prices for items in excellent condition.

Since his death, The House of Dior has continued under the direction of other designers. Yves Saint Laurent until 1960.
Below you will see 3 of Christian Dior's amazing hats. Great detail and fabulous lush fabrics.




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