Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clothing on instalments in 1940

This is the actual booklet of payments to the Kerns Dress Shop on Yonge Street Toronto.  My mother Aniela (Jean) was a wonderful dresser and she purchased her clothing on payments which was quite acceptable at the time. She arrived from Manitoba Late 1939 to seek employment and met and married my father and was welcomed into a large Italian family and we were raised with family members all living on Niagara Street Toronto..  Money was scarce but she purchased her clothing on payments of  2.00 per week and notice that even the extra .10 cents was noted. This book shows the payments starting on July 27th, 1940. The address on the booklet was originally 704 Richmond Street were my mother first lived when arriving from Selkirk Manitoba. Interesting  visit my new web in progress at and my etsy store at vintagecatwalks

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Wink said...

Apropos of nothing perhaps: my great-grandmother's name was also Aniela, though she went by Anna once she moved to the U.S. :)