Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clothing on instalments in 1940

This is the actual booklet of payments to the Kerns Dress Shop on Yonge Street Toronto.  My mother Aniela (Jean) was a wonderful dresser and she purchased her clothing on payments which was quite acceptable at the time. She arrived from Manitoba Late 1939 to seek employment and met and married my father and was welcomed into a large Italian family and we were raised with family members all living on Niagara Street Toronto..  Money was scarce but she purchased her clothing on payments of  2.00 per week and notice that even the extra .10 cents was noted. This book shows the payments starting on July 27th, 1940. The address on the booklet was originally 704 Richmond Street were my mother first lived when arriving from Selkirk Manitoba. Interesting  visit my new web in progress at and my etsy store at vintagecatwalks

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Is in the Air!

Finally! And Spring's arrival marks the start of the prom and wedding season, vacations, cruises, and all sorts of special occasions. While we've become a much more casual society, these events still call for formal wear--evening gowns party dresses, wedding gowns, and more. And what better way to get the glamorous looks of the past than wearing the originals? We've seen loads of vintage-inspired gowns at all the red-carpet events these days, but why not go for authenticity? Get the real thing at a fraction of the cost--high style at a price that won't break your budget. That's one of the beauties of vintage and one of the reasons we love it! 

The Vintage Reflections group has some wonderful dresses to share with you, suitable for semi-formal to the most formal of occasions.

Vintage Baubles has these elegant gowns listed in her Etsy shop, MyVintageCocktail:

Vintage 60s Full Tiered Skirt Lace and Tulle Wedding Gown Dress, Sm Med


Vintage Designer Dan Lee Couture Chiffon Full Skirt Evening Gown Party Dress, Sz Large 12 14

 photo danleesmall_zps393683f8.jpg

  Alley Cats Vintage showcases a variety of fab looks in her Ruby Lane shop: 

And Catseye Vintage is offering these glam gowns in her Etsy shop:

Vintage 70s does 50s Party Dress - 1970s Full Skirted Evening Gown in Lavender Purple Chiffon - Diamond Collection - Size XS to S

 photo debbielavenderdressforblog_zps24f59250.jpg 

SALE Vintage 60s Dress - 1960s Evening Gown in Black Velvet with Metallic Floral Roses Brocade Skirt - Mad Men - Size XS to S

 photo Debbie60sgown_zps7e9bc001.jpg


Visit our shops to view these offerings and many more for spring and beyond! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christian Dior and his hats

Here is a little information on the amazing Christian Dior:

He was the son of an affluent manufacturer of fertilizer and chemicals.

Christian attended the School of Political Science. From there he served in the military in 1927.

He opened an art gallery in Paris in 1928. His family was ruined by the 1931 depression.
Christian decided to travel to Russia and upon his return, found his gallery in ruin. He spent many years living hand to mouth and became seriously ill.

He decided to learn tapestry and weaving and from that started making sketches. He sold sketches for a fashion magazine.

His most popular sketches were of hats.

After improving on his clothing sketches, he was hired by Robert Piguet to make dresses and then became one of his top designers.

Years later, he was backed by a friend and began his first successful collection.

Many people never realized that Christian Dior was highly superstitious. He believed in the importance of good luck. He regularly consulted with fortune tellers for important decisions.

His label is sought by collectors. Timeless pieces. They fetch great prices for items in excellent condition.

Since his death, The House of Dior has continued under the direction of other designers. Yves Saint Laurent until 1960.
Below you will see 3 of Christian Dior's amazing hats. Great detail and fabulous lush fabrics.








  • Entire shop is on sale
  • USA & Foreign Orders
  • Starts 3-2-2013 ends 3-9-2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

Stack them up: Art Deco Diamonbar Bracelets and More!

20s-30s Diamonbar sterling bracelets. Sarara Vintage Image.
The shop is filling this month with new finds from estates and collections.  I recently found various art deco 1920s-40s sterling jewelry.  Most alluring are the many diamonbar deco paste stone bracelets set in sterling discovered together.  The original owner must have stacked them up!

Stack of Diamonbar bracelets, for sale together here.
1930s sterling bracelet, Find it here.
Diamonbar sterling deco bracelet, Sarara Vintage
These bracelets were and continue to be very popular among some collectors.  They look amazing on and offered a chic take on the real diamond versions sold at the time to the wealthy. Diamonbar as a brand is especially collected. The set above features the buckle style which is beautiful. This one is blue, clear, and very wide.
Richelieu Necklace, Glass, Sarara Vintage blog post image-rights reserved.
Come by the shops and see the new inventory below and more to come.  You can also check out my post on this large Richelieu runway style necklace, above which has a colorful past! 

1940s Canary Yellow Glass Brooch, Large. See it at  Sarara Vintage

Constantine & Floyd sterling late 1800's cuff, family estate.  See it Sarara Vintage Couture.

Whiting and Davis, rarer stone bag. See it here.

1930s Victorian Revival set, available at Sarara Vintage.

See the three of these sterling art deco pieces above here.

1920s Chinese Import Coat, Embroidered. Sarara Vintage Image.
If vintage clothing is your thing, I have a few deco coats arriving. Plus a Fred Adlmueller houndstooth set, a sixties slit dress, and dresses of all sorts including a Russian style Kiki Hart gown-all in the store now! Look to the links below or on the blog to see all the inventory on Ruby Lane, Etsy and my Sarara Vintage Couture Jewelry store.

Vintage Jewelry Shop:
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