Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Inspiration: The Mummy circa 1932 and a Taffeta Gown

Around the time the leaves start to drop, I get in the mood to watch old films. Some of the best Halloween films are indeed the classics. Recently, I was drawn into the wardrobe of actress Zita Johann  after watching the film, The Mummy starring our heroine as Helen and Boris Karloff, released in 1932. The first time we see Zita, aka Helen she is in a party in the most glamourous 30s metallic floor length gown.  At which time I thought back to the 1930s-40s plaid silk taffeta gown hanging in my office ready to be photographed. (I have had some great 30s gowns, this one I am still dating as it is homespun and maybe 40s). I had sold the late 20s gowns from her collection, but had neglected to list this one. Her collection was a family archive 1880s-1930s. See the construction details, a similar 30s gown archive for sale and further details on the blog link below. The gown is now available here.

1930s-40s Silk Gown. Sarara Vintage Images.

I have been in such an old hollywood gown kind of mood, so I wanted to offer some dress inspiration
for the holidays. I have several listed now, two black ones, a lilac 40s piece and the above pictured gown and will be listing more including a great berry toned 1940s gown with gray beading, see the image below. Check out my article on Zita's wonderful wardrobe, see the images and my 1930s dress on the Sarara Vintage Blog
1940s Berry Beaded Gown. Sarara Vintage Image. Coming to the Store soon.
I will leave you with this 1930s black gown, simple but so fun to dress for any holiday even Halloween. Just add dress clips or a rhinestone necklace for new years!
1930s early 40s Black Gown. Sarara Vintage Image, dress coming soon.
Art Deco 20s-30s accessories. Fall/Halloween Colors. Sarara Vintage.
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