Friday, September 14, 2012

An Affair to Remember, with a late 20s gown!

Late 1920s Burnout, Chiffon and Stone Strap Gown. Sarara Vintage image.
I think the early art deco styles and designs of the 1920s appeal to many people.  I am definitely one of them!  However, I did not really stop to think, on my quest for mint condition 20s clothing (good luck I know...), about how the dress evolved in the end of that period.  Well that is, until I ran across two longer 1920s dresses- one actually a gown! These can often be lumped into the 30s.  Gowns from this period are rarer.  Great florals and exotic prints were king and these two dresses embody that aesthetic.  The longest one, is the gown that inspired me to revisit the dress designs in the mid to late 20s.  Some of Paul Poiret's designs from the late 20s are great for this, as well as ads.  You can find info for his 1920s online archives and more on the late 20s dresses here at my blog:Sarara Vintage Article.

1928 McCalls magazine via
Sarara Vintage Dress and Image.


The above are images of the 1920s golden metallic thread and floral chiffon dress, being listed today in the shop.  Also from the same estate, Victorian Jackets. She had family clothing dating from the Victorian-1940s.  I have a beautiful velvet Victorian jacket in great condition in the shop now as well.



        Sarara Vintage images above of the dress, full length and the burgundy velvet Victorian Jacket.
For more from this collection and the 1920s visit the shop: Sarara Vintage Shop 1920s or Earlier.

Roaring Red 1920s items just in too: This necklace is Amazing and the bag stunning even though it has an ink or flapper eyeliner mishap on the front!

  Lizard skin Art Deco 20s Bag and Red Glass and Sterling Necklace. Sarara Vintage Image.

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