Thursday, August 23, 2012

When One Dress is Simply Not Enough!!

We all know that walking down the aisle in your wedding dress is one of the most special, unforgettable moments in your life...and for many it's ALL about the dress (ok, and the shoes and the makeup and the hair).  Did you know that many brides are opting for a quick wardrobe change for the reception? Yes, the newest trend, loved by more and more brides, is opting to wear two dresses on their big day: a traditional wedding gown for the ceremony and photographs, and a fun, flirty cocktail dress for the reception.

For brides who have their ceremony in a venue with some specific parameters, such as a church or synagogue, when it comes to dress code, this is a great option.  In some instances, like we saw with Kate Middleton, shoulders must be covered or arms must be covered. Let's just say, everything is left to the imagination.  This dress code does not necessarily have to be maintained at the reception.  In other cases, some brides just want to have a full on gown for the ceremony and something a bit more flirty and fun for the after party. 

Going with a set of vintage wedding dresses is a great way to achieve the wardrobe change with fluidity. A bride can opt for a reception dress with a similar style, color, fabric or a dress from the same era as her ceremony dress, but can be worn more comfortably for the receptionThis is also a great way to appease your family and their expectations while still giving you the opportunity to express your own sense of style!

Here are some great options for a quick wedding wardrobe change offered by
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Vintage Wedding DressVintage Wedding Dress
Vintage Wedding Dress Vintage Wedding Dress
Vintage Wedding DressVintage Wedding Dress
Vintage Wedding DressVintage Wedding Dress

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