Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old Hollywood 1935

I have returned from a trip to my mother's hometown of Selkirk Manitoba Canada. My Uncle has collected antiques especially oil lamps for 50 years, he is now 84.  When I toured his shop he had two scrap books of Old Hollywood movie stars pictures of their clothing hairdos and shoes and movies snaps .  Whoever owned this scrap book spent many hours cutting and pasting and the date of 1935 was on some of the clippings.  I thought it would be nice since we are all into the past that I would share some of these clippings.
The first photo is of Joan Crawford it says she tops a frock of turquoise blue with a blue fox coat.  The next is of Myrna Loy wearing a powder blue pebble crepe.
The photo below is Don Ameche Simon Simon and Robert Young in the film "Josette"
Joan Blondell and Melwyn Douglas in "There's always a woman "

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Graceful Antiques and Vintage Collectibles said...

Now that is fabulous. This was a very popular thing to do at that time making a scrapbook of Movie Stars and dream away.