Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homecoming and the Vintage Dress

Homecoming and the Vintage Dress

1920s vintage prom dress

With Fall rapidly approaching and school soon to be in session, so begins homecoming season. Kicking off school pride with football, cheerleaders, a flower adorned float, the marching band, homecoming court, the king, the queen, corsages, the fabulously themed dance, oh... and of course, the dresses. Ok, so maybe your school doesn't subscribe to all the pomp and circumstance of yesteryear, but one thing remains constant... the hunt for the perfect homecoming dress will be on the top of every girl's list.

Wearing vintage is one of the hottest trends for homecoming, prom and the red carpet. Vintage is a perfect way to express one's own personal sense of style and with nearly 100 years of fashion history to draw from, finding the right vintage dress for one's shape will be a cinch. The best part? You are virtually guaranteed not to be adorning the same dress as another girl at the dance!

If you are dressing for a themed homecoming that honors an era, like the roaring 20's, or one based off a famous film from the 60's, such as Sabrina, going with an authentic vintage dress for the occasion will surely be the perfect choice. Even if your homecoming theme isn't era based, going with vintage will allow you to find a unique look that is classic and chic in a variety of colors, cuts, styles and fabrics.

Don't forget to accessorize your fabulous vintage dress! No matter the era, you can pair just about anything with a classically cut dress. You don't have to work strictly with the era of the vintage dress. Pairing the modern with the vintage is a great way to show off your fashionista smarts. Just go for it!

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Vintage Prom Dresses

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