Thursday, August 30, 2012

30% off of all purses at Dandelion Vintage

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer Sale at Vintspiration!

Starting today, Vintspiration is having a week long 25% off summer sale at Etsy. And especially for Vintage Bulletin readers, you can snag an additional 10% off when you use VBULLETIN code at checkout.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old Hollywood 1935

I have returned from a trip to my mother's hometown of Selkirk Manitoba Canada. My Uncle has collected antiques especially oil lamps for 50 years, he is now 84.  When I toured his shop he had two scrap books of Old Hollywood movie stars pictures of their clothing hairdos and shoes and movies snaps .  Whoever owned this scrap book spent many hours cutting and pasting and the date of 1935 was on some of the clippings.  I thought it would be nice since we are all into the past that I would share some of these clippings.
The first photo is of Joan Crawford it says she tops a frock of turquoise blue with a blue fox coat.  The next is of Myrna Loy wearing a powder blue pebble crepe.
The photo below is Don Ameche Simon Simon and Robert Young in the film "Josette"
Joan Blondell and Melwyn Douglas in "There's always a woman "

Thursday, August 23, 2012

When One Dress is Simply Not Enough!!

We all know that walking down the aisle in your wedding dress is one of the most special, unforgettable moments in your life...and for many it's ALL about the dress (ok, and the shoes and the makeup and the hair).  Did you know that many brides are opting for a quick wardrobe change for the reception? Yes, the newest trend, loved by more and more brides, is opting to wear two dresses on their big day: a traditional wedding gown for the ceremony and photographs, and a fun, flirty cocktail dress for the reception.

For brides who have their ceremony in a venue with some specific parameters, such as a church or synagogue, when it comes to dress code, this is a great option.  In some instances, like we saw with Kate Middleton, shoulders must be covered or arms must be covered. Let's just say, everything is left to the imagination.  This dress code does not necessarily have to be maintained at the reception.  In other cases, some brides just want to have a full on gown for the ceremony and something a bit more flirty and fun for the after party. 

Going with a set of vintage wedding dresses is a great way to achieve the wardrobe change with fluidity. A bride can opt for a reception dress with a similar style, color, fabric or a dress from the same era as her ceremony dress, but can be worn more comfortably for the receptionThis is also a great way to appease your family and their expectations while still giving you the opportunity to express your own sense of style!

Here are some great options for a quick wedding wardrobe change offered by
Mill Crest Vintage (

Vintage Wedding DressVintage Wedding Dress
Vintage Wedding Dress Vintage Wedding Dress
Vintage Wedding DressVintage Wedding Dress
Vintage Wedding DressVintage Wedding Dress

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homecoming and the Vintage Dress

Homecoming and the Vintage Dress

1920s vintage prom dress

With Fall rapidly approaching and school soon to be in session, so begins homecoming season. Kicking off school pride with football, cheerleaders, a flower adorned float, the marching band, homecoming court, the king, the queen, corsages, the fabulously themed dance, oh... and of course, the dresses. Ok, so maybe your school doesn't subscribe to all the pomp and circumstance of yesteryear, but one thing remains constant... the hunt for the perfect homecoming dress will be on the top of every girl's list.

Wearing vintage is one of the hottest trends for homecoming, prom and the red carpet. Vintage is a perfect way to express one's own personal sense of style and with nearly 100 years of fashion history to draw from, finding the right vintage dress for one's shape will be a cinch. The best part? You are virtually guaranteed not to be adorning the same dress as another girl at the dance!

If you are dressing for a themed homecoming that honors an era, like the roaring 20's, or one based off a famous film from the 60's, such as Sabrina, going with an authentic vintage dress for the occasion will surely be the perfect choice. Even if your homecoming theme isn't era based, going with vintage will allow you to find a unique look that is classic and chic in a variety of colors, cuts, styles and fabrics.

Don't forget to accessorize your fabulous vintage dress! No matter the era, you can pair just about anything with a classically cut dress. You don't have to work strictly with the era of the vintage dress. Pairing the modern with the vintage is a great way to show off your fashionista smarts. Just go for it!

For a great homecoming dress or a dress for any special occasion, check out the fantastic collection of vintage dresses at Mill Crest Vintage.

Vintage Prom Dresses

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Vintage Fashion from MaejeanVINTAGE

Hey vintage fashion lovers! :-) I can't believe fall is right around the corner & summer is just about over...

Here are some of our favorite vintage fashion listings from our online vintage store - all perfect for fall! :-)

Vintage Black Leather Gloves


Antique Crochet Purse With Pyralin Handle


Vintage Christian Dior Round Brim Hat 


Vintage Alligator High Heels - Black Size 7 Gallery Collection by Rhythm Steps Shoes


Claire McCardell Fest

I've been on a real Claire McCardell kick over on my blog, The Vintage Traveler.  It all started whenI decided to sew up a 1958 McCall's pattern that was designed by McCardell in 1957.  One thing has led to another and so now I've got a week's worth of posts about the great designer:

1958 Claire McCardell Separates
Claire McCardell: Redefining Modernism
Time, May 2, 1955
Claire McCardell, a Biography
McCall's 4494: Claire McCardell Play Set
Sarara Vintage image of 40s Glentex Scarf details. rights reserved.

If you ever think of Glentex at all, then you probably envision the later more common 50s-60s print scarves.  It seems that Glentex has more history to offer!  I was forced to think deeper when I found a 1940s era Glentex scarf, which was rayon, sequin and frankly done very well. It has a couture feel in many ways.  The cut is glorious!   So what about Glentex? And what about Elsa Schiaparelli's connection to the brand... I am getting ahead of myself.

So, looking at this newest 40s find, I thought hum, it does have a certain Schiaparelli flair, but alas her coupling with Glentex was much later.

November 1946. Glentex Scarf Ad. From my personal collection. Image copy property of Sarara Vintage.
Exhibit A. Schiaparelli and Glentex's history.  Exhibit B. Gloria Vanderbilt licensed a line of scarves in the 70s with Glentex....

Well, if you look the trademark up, this is what you find- That it is a registered trademark first applied for in 1939, specializing in Ladies Scarfs and Handkerchiefs owned by Honey Fashions, Ltd. Glensder Textile Co.   After this information, I saw a New York address and a website lead/emails and a Quebec contact list.  There was not much on the current site but email addresses. So I contacted the current owners!

In 1948, if I remember correctly they switched to the Duck in the rain logo or at least trademarked it for use beginning around 48 or 49.

The label on my is piece is early and maybe the earliest style, I am currently looking for the 1939 example.

Sarara Vintage, rights reserved. Permission needed to reproduce.

1952 Glentex ad, Honey Fashions.  Notice the original New York address mentioned in the original trademark below.
From what I have seen as a vintage seller they produced accessories such as beaded collars via Japan and scarf pins as well.  Many scarves were also made in Japan by the company of various fabrics including silk.  Glentex was well popular through the 50s and famous as a brand working with Schiaparelli and other designers such as Gloria Vanderbilt by the 60s-70s.

Glentex tags on collars and scarfs during the 50s are very similar. They have Glentex italic script as seen in the above ad with made in Japan below often on collars. I have also seen some made in India for Glentex. Simple white background and yellow lettering, see image below I have also included a 50s-60s label example closeup from a pearl beaded collar.

A similar tag is used in the 60s -look at the script on the ad below as well.

Closeup by Sarara Vintage. 1950s Collar beaded Japanese tag for Glentex.

Sarara Vintage cropped closeup of 50s-60s Glentex Trademark in ad.

Current Glentex or Honey Fashions Ltd. company records for New York indicate that they produce today- everything from belts, shawls, cloth, hair accessories to netting.  Check out my blog: for updates concerning the Glentex interview with the current company rep if any contact is made- to be

1940s Glentex Scarf/Tie. Sarara Vintage Image.

For now here is a sneak peak at the scarf I am posting in the vintage scarf this week in the shop!

Blog: Check out the other article on Daphne Guinness fashion

Friday, August 10, 2012

THE HARLOW - 1930s Reproduction Silk Gown


Our reproduction 1930s silk gown is now available in small, medium & large.
Wrap yourself in buttery silk with this gorgeous gown!
Now available at SLV-Some Like it Vintage

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Friday, August 3, 2012

New Men's Vintage at Noble Savage Vintage

Fall is just around the corner and we at Noble Savage Vintage have been neglecting our gentleman customers for far too long.  We have only just begun to add new menswear to the shop.  Expect to find an assortment of frock coats, morning coats, tuxedos and tails, stiff and soft front shirts, waistcoats, bow ties, cuff links and collars.  Here are a few of the first new additions to the shop. 

This 1930's bespoke  tuxedo is of fine quality and is in extraordinary condition.  It comes with the tuxedo jacket, a pair of side tabbed trousers and a fantastic brocade waistcoat.  
1930's Bespoke Tuxedo

This Turn of the Century full dress ensemble is beautifully cut in a winter weight wool.  It features a smashing tailcoat, a pair of buckle back trousers and a matching waistcoat with ric rac trim.  
Turn of the Century Full Dress Tails

Early neckwear does not turn up all that often.  If you are a purist, you will love this wonderful black silk Day Cravat.
Late Victorian Day Cravat

Not everyone wants to bother with tying a bow tie.  This 1930's blue gingham bow tie is an adjustable pre-tied model which fastens in the back.  
1930's Blue Gingham Bow Tie

I am working on bringing you a very nice selection of men's formal shirts. This 1930's soft front shirt features french cuffs and a trouser tab.  
1930's soft Front formal shirt with French Cuffs

Expect to find a nice selection of dinner vests and waistcoats in the shop including this 1930's square lapel model.  
1930's Brocade Waistcoat with Square Lapels

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Antique French Melons? Vintage Glass and Costume Jewelry

If you love or collect costume jewelry you probably know a little about the history. Perhaps, maybe you just like to wear it but haven't really thought about it's history. Well, Coco Chanel among other early designers really brought costume jewelry to the forefront from beautiful "imitations" of the real thing as they once began, to couture designs in their own right.  This would not have been possible without the attention to detail, time and process given to the "stones".   Glass became king and when I found this 1920s-30s French Melon cut glass bead necklace I was reminded of this history.  The design was simple but the emerald green beads, which are almost a kelly green, captivated me.  The feel, quality and way they capture the light is really stunning. See it here: 20s-30s French Melon cut Necklace.

1920s-30s Green Melon Bead Necklace. Image by Sarara Vintage.

Then, I went back to my reference books. I found them on the cover of my classic costume jewelry guide by Harrice Simons Miller, 1990. Her description of the history of costume jewelry and culture is really quite nice to read, especially if you are a beginner.  

 Notice the longer red rhinestone necklace with the melon shaped beads towards the front of the cover image.  This is the mentioned piece which has simliar melon shaped era beads. I like their organic yet modern appearance. I have become a fan of French glass beadwork, now maybe so will you! Check out the rest of the article on my blog Sarara Vintage

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