Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brown Grizzly Bear Fur

I love Fur and many of the bloggers who have read my website know that I do not advocate purchase of new fur but to buy, love, enjoy and purchase vintage furs.  I  do Charity Vintage Fashion Shows with all proceeds going to the hosting Charity and I do use some vintage fur pieces during the shows, and many senior ladies who attend my shows approach me to ask whether I could sell their furs that they no longer have opportunity to wear.    After one particular show a lady contacted me and said that she feared that the coat she had which belonged to her grandfather could be turned into Teddy bears so she was pleased to find it a good home.  When she arrived with the coat I was amazed for I am not a furrier but have never seen such an amazing coat of Grizzy Bear fur.   The coat was made by the AKLIVAK Co. in the North West Territories.    This coat will not be sold and I hope that someone in my family will take it over sometime down the road.

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