Friday, June 22, 2012

Carol Tannenbaums at the Royal Ontario Museum

Some years ago there was a seminar by Carol Tannenbaum on vintage jewellery at the Royal Ontario Museum and those attending were asked to bring one piece of jewellery for Carol's opinion.   I was so excited since I have been collecting for many years and have never sold any of the pieces that are especially nice, since I become very protective to my costume jewellery and use them for display in showcases at the Charity Vintage fashion shows.  Before the day of the seminar I thought long and hard as to what one piece I would bring and I decided that the white milk glass necklace with matching wired bracelet would be the one.  I knew this set was old and I always loved the intricate detail on the decorative pieces.  When after a line up that I thought was endless I finally got to the table in front of Ms. Tannenbaum I handed her the two pieces nicely place in a special box.  She looked at me and said that it was truly lovely and dated it to the early 1960 made in West Germany, and without saying anything else about the jewellery she held in her hand she said that the brooch I was wearing was a valuable brooch since she recognized it as Carved French Baklite. Bakelite was bakelite as far as I knew so this special brooch will sit for many more years until my daughter inherits it.

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