Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's New at Alley Cats Vintage on Ruby Lane.....

Vintage 1950s 50s Cocktail Dress Black Rayon and Taffeta Full Skirt Party Dress Sz XL B48


Vintage 1940s 40s Hat Black Sequin Cocktail Tilt with Felt Birds by Frank Palma


Vintage 1920s 1930s Hat Brown Velve Cloche with Ostrich Feathers Sz L


Vintage 1960s 60s Dress Summer Form Fitting Plaid Casual Day by Paintset B37





Friday, June 22, 2012

Carol Tannenbaums at the Royal Ontario Museum

Some years ago there was a seminar by Carol Tannenbaum on vintage jewellery at the Royal Ontario Museum and those attending were asked to bring one piece of jewellery for Carol's opinion.   I was so excited since I have been collecting for many years and have never sold any of the pieces that are especially nice, since I become very protective to my costume jewellery and use them for display in showcases at the Charity Vintage fashion shows.  Before the day of the seminar I thought long and hard as to what one piece I would bring and I decided that the white milk glass necklace with matching wired bracelet would be the one.  I knew this set was old and I always loved the intricate detail on the decorative pieces.  When after a line up that I thought was endless I finally got to the table in front of Ms. Tannenbaum I handed her the two pieces nicely place in a special box.  She looked at me and said that it was truly lovely and dated it to the early 1960 made in West Germany, and without saying anything else about the jewellery she held in her hand she said that the brooch I was wearing was a valuable brooch since she recognized it as Carved French Baklite. Bakelite was bakelite as far as I knew so this special brooch will sit for many more years until my daughter inherits it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reproduction Vintage Dresses from SLV

Not everyone loves vintage clothing. 

As difficult as that is to believe ;-), there are many folks who prefer vintage 'inspired'. New items that have a look of vintage without being used.

I can appreciate that. I have been working on a reproduction vintage line for awhile now, and have just released 3 new designs. Soon to be available in several sizes, these 3 dresses are exact copies from pieces of my personal collection. 

Vintage without the 'old'. These samples now available.

1930s silk gown, reproduction
1950s velvet & taffeta cocktail dress, reproduction

1950s cotton shirtwaist dress, reproduction

Sunday, June 17, 2012



NEW STOCK: Dresses, hats, handbags, wedding dresses.

on all orders $50.00 or more in the USA.

Enter code: FREESHIP during checkout to get free shipping.

Sale ends June 22 2012


  1. Place your order & click on the checkout button.
  2. Enter the sale code FREESHIP in the box on the left side called "Discount Coupon".
  3. Click the update button You'll then see the order total change to free shipping.
  4. Finish checking out and payment.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Items Now Available from Some Like it Vintage.com

"Roll out those lazy, hazy, days of summer
those days of soda and pretzels and beer...."
Nat King Cole

Here are some new items now available from SLV-Some Like it Vintage.com. We are expanding our vintage reproduction line as well - stay tuned for more goodies!

1950s Marigold Satin Bubble Dress $105

Reproduction 1950s color block sundresses $165, two styles available
1920s silk and lace dress with art deco rhinestone buckle $210

1950s Nan Martin black dress $39.99
1950s vintage cotton petal holiday dress $45

Noble Savage Vintage at the Jazz Age Lawn Party

Noble Savage Vintage will be vending at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island this weekend!    
Jazz Age Lawn Party 
The 7th Annual
Jazz Age Lawn Party
on Governors Island
JUNE 16TH & 17TH

Admission $15 
Advance tickets available at http://lawnparty.eventbee.com/
or $15 cash at door
Children Under 12 Free

We will be bringing a small selection of Ladies and men's clothing as well as hats, bow ties, jewelry and a seriously sparkly selection of 1920's Flapper purses.  (most of which are not yet available through my website)

1920's Cotton Voile Embroidered  Dress

1920's Whiting and Davis Mesh Enamel 

Bowlers, Boaters and Fedoras

1920's-30's  Linen Pique Marcella Shirt

Remember that period and/or style attire is not required but is suggested will help to make this event more memorable for all.  Hope to see you there!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1950s and 60s Swim Caps

After finding a super swim cap while on a trip, I've become obsessed with them.  Well, maybe obsessed is a bit strong, but I'm enjoying finding out more and looking at some ads from the 1950s.
I'm also enjoying reading the comments people are leaving about their own swim cap memories, and I'd love to hear about yours!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rocking Some Rhinestones from the 1950's

D & E Juliana. 1950's Rhinestone Belt-Sarara Vintage
I have taken the time to really admire some amazing 1950's-early 60's rhinestone pieces as of late. Maybe I have been watching to much Alfred Hitchcock Presents circa 1955-56!  I usually prefer the paste stone and earlier pieces.  However; during my recent contact with a 90 year old woman's collection I fell in love. This belt is only one of many such finds! I will be listing some amazing chandelier earrings from her collection and have already listed this stunner of a belt!!  The rare D & E Juliana belt features wonderful stones and golden rope woven, combined together to form this glam design. See it in the shop at Sarara Vintage 1950's Rhinestone Belt.

1950's D& E Juliana Belt Images-Sarara Vintage

In terms of 1950's belts, one finds the all rhinestone examples, which are very old hollywood. I sold one recently that was very pretty. However, there is a unique design to this golden belt that caught my eye. The chandelier earrings will be up in the shop soon and are all glass stones! The large multicolor stone bracelet and necklace which have not been photographed yet are simply stunning so check the store in the next few days to get a glimpse of the 1950's collection first!  
1950's Monet Cocktail Ring

Black Glass Bead Earrings-Sarara Vintage

1950's Amber Rhinestone set