Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage fashion show Bridal Parade

< I have successful presented a Vintage Fashion Show with all proceeds to the Salvation Army. The guests enjoyed the evening vintage that the local girls modelled and the event was well received.  They asked that I show wedding dresses, although I am not a collector of wedding dresses unless they are older than 1970 and the possibility to obtain the picture of the original bride is available.   These are the bridal dresses ranging from a 1929 Flapper silk to a ruffled over the top 1980 organza.   Now that this event is over I may find a tad more time to post on the Vintage Bulletin Board.

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Sydneys Vintage Clothing said...

Seeing this post reminds me of the bridal photo shoot we did this past summer here on Auburn University's Samford lawn. Your bride's are gorgeous!!