Monday, May 7, 2012

Al Capone and Crepe Capes

I recently came across this amazing cape in crepe with stunning embroidered details.  The maker intrigued me and I dug a little deeper. In the process I came across the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago.  The cape itself has a tag stating Blackstone Shop, millinery gown, Chicago.  After finding no shops existing under this name, I found that the infamous Blackstone Hotel had a barbershop (historically linked to Al Capone) and I began to wonder if it had a millinery shop.  I still have no positive confirmation on if the cape was made at the Blackstone Hotel but I will keep digging!   This stunning cape has just been listed in my shop Sarara Vintage on Etsy and is made of crepe, embroidered detail and a lush collar.  Find out more about it and the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago at

1920's Blackstone crepe cape. Images by Sarara Vintage.


vintagecatwalks said...

Very interesting when there is so much history behind the cape. keep us posted to any further revelations.

Sarara Vintage said...

Certainly, it may turn out to be a Chicago shop but I find the name and lettering compelling. No word from the hotel but I may dig deeper in actual archives if I have time! Thanks!

Frau Lamb said...

Hi! Did you find moré información abortó tris piece? I have a really creepy dress from the same shop....Love to know a bit more about it! Best, Ingrid

Frau Lamb said...

Hi. I recently found a creepy dress from the same brand. I wondering ir you found more info about this! Best! Ingrid