Monday, May 21, 2012

A Flapper and an Art Deco Pin

1919/1920's Fashion Photograph.
I recently listed this Amazing Art Deco style pin which I thought at first was from the early 20's. I instantly fell for it, the enamel deco flowers and trumpet closure.  Doing research online in fashion photographs something caught me eye.  The flapper has something pinned on her cloche that looks very familiar.  Maybe it is the visual anthropologist in me, but I became intrigued.  Whether the same pin or maker, at the very least this photograph illustrates how to wear such a pin.

The clear enamel covering on these is a little thick so that is the first key to start thinking reproduction, Pierre Bex used rhinestones, this pin I believe has a kind of foil inside to give it a rhinestone look.

However, this style of pin was reproduced by french design company Pierre Bex in the 60s-80s and one or two other makers from the 80s-90s.  With this in mind I contacted Pierre Bex who have stated it is not one of theirs.  Probably an 80s remake.  This illustrates the importance of research and knowing that Pierre Bex used original mold to reproduce these pins.  His pins are collectible due to their quality and the fact they used the originals.

This is their description via their website-Pierre Bex

All PIERRE BEX items were made in France from 1969 until the end of the 80'. 

Each piece is handmade in France from original stampings,
the jewellery is then silverplated with an antic finish, nickel free warranty,
and is then enamelled and set with crystal rhinestones. 

Read more about the pin and photograph at: Sarara Vintage.  Pages and pages of text have been written defining art deco design. This pin design does that without saying a word. Check out for the pin. 

Antique Art Deco, circa 1920's pin. Sarara Vintage

Trumpet closure. Sarara Vintage.

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