Monday, April 2, 2012

Up in Smoke

It is very difficult today to find a cigar or pipe smoker, but I have a grouping of vintage pipe paraphernalia.  Most of the interesting pipes belonged to my father-in-law who was a hardy Captain of a ship delivering oil for Imperial Oil out of Halifax Ontario during World War 11. Just as the movies depict the Captain on the deck of his ship with a pipe in his hand well that was Captain George Elliott . I guess it is the old story of why we hang on to these things, but since everything has a tale and a story to tell we hesitate to rid ourselves of those memories and leave the job of liquidation to the next generation.  I suspect that as the time travels down the road the stories of these items and who they belong to becomes fainter and fainter and then that will be their demise.


papel1 said...

I too had a collection of antique pipes from my GrandFather. They were neat to look at and I had success selling them online. They do bring back memories.

vintagecatwalks said...

Hi Judy:
Thanks for your interest. I am so terrible I feel badly to sell them since they were my husbands father's and I feel should respect that . Crazy way to think I know I will take your advise and check e-bay to see if they could be sold and get an idea of their worth. Maybe the grandson could use the money instead of handing him a pile of old pipe goodies.