Thursday, April 12, 2012

Port-side or Starboard -Red or Green

This post follows upon My post of Captain George Elliott, the pipe smoking Captain.  During the war Captain Elliott was pulled ashore and made the Marine Superintendent for Imperial Oil out of Dartmouth Nova Scotia, it was the early 1940's. During the war an oil tanker was torpedoed and it was brought to McNabbs Island at the entrance to Halifax Harbour where it was to be eventually beached.   Captian Elliott set a salvage crew to reclaim any items that were worth saving.   The two copper and brass oil lamps that provided direction from the deck of the ship and the ships clock he maintained.  The lamp in the picture bears the number 684.  After Captain George Elliott's retirement he kept the lamp and the ships clock for souvenirs of his years at sea. He spent many hours painstakingly removing ever bit of battleship grey and had the clock mounted in a small grandfather clock case.  We have many things in this house that I have begged the grandchildren to take but unfortunately they don't want most of it, but somehow I feel that there will be no problem getting a taker for these.

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