Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is the wedding dress wore by Miss Anne Holms on June 13th, 1893 when she wed Alfred perfect from Orangville Ontario. The story I was told by Mrs Sykes of Thornbury ontario who gave me this garment since she was downsizing and wanted it to go to a good home. Alfred Perfect was a mining engineer and a Medical Doctor.   The two met in Quatemala Mexico where Alfred was working for a mining company. Their marriage took place in Laredo texas.
After some time in Mexico the couple had a son and shortly thereafter returned to Toronto where Alfred opened his medical Practice in Parkdale area near High park which at that time was a very affluent area of Toronto on the shores of Lake ontario.
When  I took the box which contained this dress at the bottom was their marriage license and stuck on top to the box was  a page from Dr. Perfects prescription book.
Note the marriage license which gives the instructions for the duties of the husband and wife.

I hope that all my friend who are vintage lovers as I am enjoy the stories of the garments  which are pieces of our history.  I often see find myself reading into the stories and wish that the garment to speak to me for what a tale they could tell. I see the age of the bride and what brought a single lady to Quatemala from small town Ontario back in the 1800?????

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