Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day Colors - Pink and Red

With Valentine's Day right around the corner on February 14th, 2012, the members of the Reflections of Vintage sellers network have the perfect vintage pink and red pieces for your consideration.

Please visit our shops to see more beautiful vintage clothes and accessories!

Catseye Vintage has a stunning red lace dress and a gorgeous angora blend pink cardigan:

Vintage 50s Red Lace Dress Red Embellished with Faux Pearls and Rhinestones, Size S to M from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Vintage 50s Hand Beaded Pink Angora Blend Cardigan Sweater with Embroidered Cutwork, Size S to M from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Alley Cats Vintage on Ruby Lane has many wonderful pieces of clothing available, including a lovely pink and white appliqued evening gown and an exquisite hand beaded red silk flapper dress:

Vintage Prom Dress 1960s 60s Pink and White Linen with Floral Applique Sz 11 B36 W26 from ALLEY CATS VINTAGE


Vintage 1920s Flapper Dress Red Silk Chiffon Beaded B38 from ALLEY CATS VINTAGE


My Vintage Cocktail has wonderful red and pink items in her Etsy shop, including this bombshell red velvet dress and a red satin evening bag:

Vintage 50s 60s RED Velvet Cocktail Sheath Wiggle Dress, Sm to Med from MY VINTAGE COCKTAIL


Vintage Valentine RED Satin Envelope Clutch Purse Bag with Extras, by Mel Ton from MY VINTAGE COCKTAIL


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vintage for $10? You betcha!

All vintage clothing and accessories are just $10 plus shipping for US customers! Need your items shipped internationally? Simply contact us and we'll quote you a shipping cost.

Make sure to shop now for the best selection at Born Too Late Vintage!
Welcome to 2012!!!!!

Let's start our New Year out with the most mysterious of  For decades black has been the leading fashion color, right for any occasion except weddings and I see that is changing.  Standout brides have actually used black for their attendants for something different.  We, the Vintage Reflections Group want to present our chosen items crafted from that most mysterious and glamorous color black.

Catseye Vintage is still running that sale in her Etsy store. She has these lovely party gowns to offer.

Vintage 80s Dress 1980s Strapless Cocktail Party Sun Dress in Black Full Skirt by Joseph Magnin Size S to M

Vintage 40s Dress 1940s Swing Cocktail World War 2 Era Black Rayon Crepe Embellished with Rhinestones Size S to M

My Vintage Cocktail on Etsy has these items for sale in her Etsy store.

Vintage 50s Black Eyelash Straw Cuffed Cap Hat w/ Large Flowers, Approx Sz 22

Vintage 50s Designer Larry Aldrich Rayon Crepe Cocktail Party Dress, Sz XS, Sm

Alley Cats Vintage on Ruby Lane has these selections to present.

Vintage 1950s 50s Hat Black Wool Button Close Crown Style

Vintage 1960s 60s Jacket Waist Style Double Breasted with Mink Collar B36

Wishing All Our Viewers a Very Happy and Successful New Year.......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Melinamade - Retro Style Wallpapers and Fabrics

Do you find yourself hunting for that perfect retro wallpaper? Is barkcloth is the only fabric allowed in your mid century home? A quick look online drums up some cool barkcloth designs in a wide range of sizes and prices. The most popular (and expensive) are the curtains. Vintage wallpaper is even harder to find in quantities - and when someone uncovers rolls and rolls of the same super-cool 1950s wallpaper from the depths of Oma's house - the prices are out of this world.

What's a thrifty gal to do? Find a company that makes retro wallpaper and barkcloth! Indeed, I try to be a 'vintage-vegan' (only real vintage thank you very much), but in this case I'll make an exception. The reproductions are from original 1950s - 70s designs. The cloth is actually - wait for it - barkcloth. The company? Melinamade You're Welcome.

Check out a few of their extensive offerings:

'Tiki Forest' wallpaper - soooo fifties!

1970s 'Funhouse' wallpaper

'Tiki Native' Wallpaper

'Tinkertoys' 1950s barkcloth

For $18.00 you can order a swatch of the all 17 barkcloth designs and 20 wallpaper designs. One of our favorite bloggers, No Pattern Required, recently ordered the swatches and was very pleased. Check out her post here.

Don't be alarmed that the company is currently out of some patterns, they have recently re-grouped and will be manufacturing soon!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage Lingerie Lucie Ann Claire Sandra, A Rare Look

Not Too Much, Says Lucie Ann a rare LOOK into the infamous Lucie Ann of Lucie Ann Claire Sandra, Beverly Hills.

Upon my extensive search of the infamous Lucie Ann Onderwyzer, famous designer for Lucie Ann, Lucie Ann for Claire Sandra Beverly Hills.

Lucie Onderwyzer, 75, founder of Lucie Ann Lingerie of Beverly Hills, a firm she launched in 1949 that introduced exotic colors to what was then the bland sleep wear that American women wore. With her partner, Anne Briggs, Mrs. Onderwyzer expanded her business to include lounge wear, and her clothes came to be sold at major stores across the country. She sadly passed away from complications of a stroke in 1988 in Los Angeles.

I have come across some interesting articles, this is from an early 1960's magazine or newspaper article, typed out by me word for word from an interview:

Lucie Ann's steady customers think nothing...well, not much anyway...of paying $650 for a nylon peignoir or $1,250 for a lounging costume.

"My prices begin where competitive prices end," says Lucie Ann comfortably.

A dozen years ago, in California, Belgian born Lucie Ann found herself a widow with two children to support. She had no business experience, but every soul-searching session on what to do came back to the same thing: designing and selling lingerie.
Lucie Ann, a Dresden-like graying blonde with wide brown eyes and a youthful face, explains she always had a felling for intimate apparel...the glamorous kind she had never found in shops while traveling around the world with her husband, a diamond merchant.

Lucie Ann started without a workroom, "I didn't have the nerve to have a place." She designed and draped, then carted the project to a woman who did all the seams, and on to another who appliqued.

The finished product she put in a pretty quilted box tied with a big fresh ribbon ("I like things very dainty and right") and visited movie studios. Producers' wives recommended her to friends, and Lucie Ann was on her way to the 135-employee factory in Beverly Hills and the three-quarter-million-dollar annual business she has today.

"My lack of knowledge made it cost more," she recalls. "I would never do it again, now that I know what it entails."

Later Lucie Ann decided so many people were imitating her she went about copying herself in a budget line, named the Claire Sandra collection after her 14 year old daughter. Her son is 18.

Lucie Ann ever used her own surname, Onderwyzer, because it sounds too much like underwear, a word she detests.

She feels strongly that women should choose intimate apparel with the same care as cocktail and evening wear.

"Certainly a woman's married life should be as important to her as her social life. The woman who says 'What would I do with it?' about a glamorous gown and roe probably means that her husband leaves early in the morning and at night is too tired to notice her.

"Maybe he'd wake up if she wears a lovely gown," suggest Lucie Ann with a glint in her eye. "Maybe she'd win him all over again."

SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie eBay Store

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vintage Lingerie Vanity Fair CANDY FOR THE EYE

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your life!? Most DAZZLING colors ever by vintage Vanity Fair. In sweet lemon limes, dazzling ocean blues, and my favorite the lavender and pink.

vintage lingerie, vintage vanity fair, vanity fair nightgown, vanity fair, sweet cherry vintage lingerie, ebay shopping,

SweetCherry Vintage Lingerie eBay Store

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Just added 1930s & 1940s dresses, Black Dresses and Vintage Hats

From Dandelion Vintage - Just added to the website - click on links below to see the items.


This is the wedding dress wore by Miss Anne Holms on June 13th, 1893 when she wed Alfred perfect from Orangville Ontario. The story I was told by Mrs Sykes of Thornbury ontario who gave me this garment since she was downsizing and wanted it to go to a good home. Alfred Perfect was a mining engineer and a Medical Doctor.   The two met in Quatemala Mexico where Alfred was working for a mining company. Their marriage took place in Laredo texas.
After some time in Mexico the couple had a son and shortly thereafter returned to Toronto where Alfred opened his medical Practice in Parkdale area near High park which at that time was a very affluent area of Toronto on the shores of Lake ontario.
When  I took the box which contained this dress at the bottom was their marriage license and stuck on top to the box was  a page from Dr. Perfects prescription book.
Note the marriage license which gives the instructions for the duties of the husband and wife.

I hope that all my friend who are vintage lovers as I am enjoy the stories of the garments  which are pieces of our history.  I often see find myself reading into the stories and wish that the garment to speak to me for what a tale they could tell. I see the age of the bride and what brought a single lady to Quatemala from small town Ontario back in the 1800?????

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Dresses for Spring

New at Couture Allure this week are more fabulous daytime and cocktail dresses for spring.  Be sure to check our What's New pages for all the latest items!

1960s appliqued roses sheath dress

1960s gold metallic dress and jacket

1950s silk floral full skirt dress

1950s lace illusion bombshell dress

1950s silk sheath dress

1950s pink linen full skirt dress

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Noble Savage Vintage at The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

Noble Savage Vintage is looking forward to the next Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and Sale. This is an amazing Vintage Clothing and Antique Textile Extravaganza with 90 Vintage Clothing and Textile Dealers bringing their finest.

Friday February 3rd- 1pm-8pm
Saturday February 4th- 11am- 6pm
Metropolitan Pavillion
125 W. 18th St. between 6th and 7th avenues

Noble Savage Vintage will again be in Booth 18 in the first aisle near the dressing rooms. Stop by and say hello, as much of our vintage for the show is not yet available online.  See you there!

Click on the link above or below for $5 reduced admission.
Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show
1950's French Ball Gown Claire Comte
Early 1950's Attributed to Claire McCardell
1920's Peachy Embroidered Cotton Voile
Late Teens- Early 1920's Silk 3-piece Dress

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