Monday, December 12, 2011

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Drats - Foiled Again.

Have you heard?? Every issue, every page of Vogue from 1892 to today are available online! I was so excited - I rushed over to the web page to see.

Then: The cold hard chop. $1,575.00 for a ONE YEAR subscription. One year ONLINE subscription. Sure, you can print out anything you want, read all the advertisements etc., etc. But how does the average small business justify that kind of purchase? Sigh. I can't. So, resourceful as I am I surfed a little and came up with some nice Vogue pictures, not to mention the coffee table book I own and some nice old vintage magazines in my own archives. Thanks Vogue - for nothing.

It used to be the only thing I could afford was your magazine.

Can't even do that.

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