Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage is Green™

Please check out my new blog, VintageIsGreen™. I hope to help
make people aware of the positive
aspects of wearing vintage clothing
and the negative impact that the
manufacture of new clothing has on
our environment.
I’ll be blogging
about vintage clothing, posting news
stories about manufacturing new
clothing and its effect on the
environment and discussing
anything else that supports the
Vintage Is Green™” movement.


Annie_VintageDiggs.com said...

Wonderful ideas! I too often try to stress the "green" aspect of vintage in my blog and boutique. Love these photos, good luck with your endeavors!



Elisa@Chelsea Girl Vintage said...

Thank you, Annie! I'm very passionate about this and feel it's important to educate people about the environmental benefits of wearing vintage. For all of us that love vintage clothing anyway, it's a nice perk to feel that we're doing something good for the planet!