Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stunning engagement rings added to Vintage Seekers' fine jewellery collection

Vintage Seekers' Fine Jewellery section has this week welcomed some new additions in the form of stunning vintage engagement rings.

A vintage ring given as an engagement ring has a meaning and stock behind it far deeper than simply a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Rich in history and romance, one can imagine the couples from times past who exchanged the rings before you; their love stories and the secrets behind it. Testament to the enduring nature of gemstones, vintage rings are symbolic of permanence and uniqueness - Two things any couple aspire to.

Circa 1930, this ruby and diamond ring is of English origin. The central trapeze cut diamond, which weighs around 1ct, is surrounded by a calibre cut ruby and diamond border.

By Bailey Banks & Biddle, a leading American jeweller, this 1930s diamond ring is mounted in engraved platinum bearing the inscription BB&B.
A vintage 1920s art deco ruby and diamond ring mounted in platinum, thought to be from around 1925.

This 1930s onyx and diamond half hoop ring is mounted in Platinum, and believed to be of American origin.

Of course, these beautiful pieces could also be given as eternity rings, birthday or anniversary gifts.

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