Monday, December 19, 2011

Original Audrey Hepburn Costume Sketch on Vintage Seekers

Vintage Seekers currently has on sale an original piece of movie memorabilia from the 1954 motion picture Sabrina - A costume sketch for its leading lady Audrey Hepburn by the prolific costume designer Edith Head. Sabrina is the classic tale of a working class ugly-duckling transformed into sophisticated swan, ultimately winning the man of her dreams. This watercolour sketch onto paper has Hepburn donning a stunning black ballroom gown with full skirt and bow-strap detailing.

Oft-dubbed 'the Fairest Lady of All', Hepburn's status is cemented as a film and fashion icon, due in part to Head's simple and elegant design trademark. Indeed, Head is famed for her extensive consultation with the actresses with whom she dressed and designed for.

Head's own career is worthy of film plot material. Starting out as a French teacher, she began teaching art having been motivated by its higher salary in spite of only having her rudimentary high-school art class experience. By some bizarre stroke of luck she was hired by Paramount Pictures in 1924 as a costume sketch artist and went on to receive eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design, Sabrina being one of them, from a total of 35 nominations. Her unparalleled success is rendered all the more incredible by her eventual admission that she had borrowed a friend's sketches for her interview. Head designed for many of the silver screen's greats - Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor.

This piece is made even more desirable by the fact that it bears Head's signature in the lower left corner, and comes framed; A must-have for vintage film and fashion buffs alike.

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Shabbychicdiva said...

SOO wonderful. I LOVE Audrey, she's my favorite! Winona