Friday, September 2, 2011

Madonna in vintage Vionnet [edit]

Madonna, rocking her vintage gown & shoes by Vionnet at the Venice Film Festival on Thursday, September 1st!

Sunglasses were also vintage.

Edit: I have an anonymous note informing me the gown was made for her by Vionnet but no other info to back this up. I researched this info, most of the links I find say the gown is vintage but I also saw a close up of the gown and I have to agree that it does not look like vintage but 'vintage style' or repro.


Anonymous said...

The gown is new, custom made for her by Vionnet. Maybe it was copied from a vintage style. The glasses are also new by Mui Mui.

Anonymous said...

From Vionnet's website -

'Madonna wears Vionnet matt blue evening dress with red butterflies embroidered on it, uniquely created for her to be worn at Venice Film Festival for premiere of her movie W.E.'