Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Mom's Stuff: ALOHA!

I'll admit, I have never been to Hawaii.  Okay, that's not quite true.  I was trapped in Paradise once for about 5 hours on my way to Australia.  I literally had to sit inside the Honolulu airport and look at the GORGEOUS scenery outside the big glass window while waiting for my Qantas flight.  It was torture to not be able to leave the holding area.  I hope to go back someday and be able to leave the airport.  

My Mom's Stuff has a small collection of summery dresses that are PERFECT for your next Luau or Hawaiian trip.  A couple of them are pure vintage Hawaiian such as this Alfred Shaheen silk shirt dress.  I didn't know who Alfred Shaheen was until I did a little research on this unique dress.  He has a very interesting history that you can read about HERE.  

Mahalo!  Enjoy the Summer!  

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