Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I still love you Summer !

I'm wearing my swimsuit as I type...and I'm off to the beach in a yeah, I'm still loving you August summer day....bicycle riding, eating outside and feeling fabulous....
I know fall is coming up, and cooler weather and holiday parties ...yeah !
my mind
Men's vintage...Bicycles Art Nouveau Mucha and all that...Oranges and browns are so autumn....and don't be shy Ladies...this is tooo fantastic for men to keep to themselves.....
this Vintage Bicycles Art Nouveau Steampunk Shirt
has amazing prints of Mucha, Leydecker, and Gibson Girl women and turn of the century men riding bicycles, enjoying the new-fangled invention of the late Victorian - Edwardian era.

this shirt and all my newest stuff will be sent to my new website store....clicky.

There's also women and men on bicyclettes, and early safety bicycles.

From 1890 until the Roaring Twenties was a trend for people to try amazing exotic new technologies, embracing brisk outdoor exercise, and bicycle riding....this arty shirt depicts Art Nouveau lettering, winged helmets and wide stripes and deep blacks prints.

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