Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vintage Clothing Mix from the Eye's of a College Intern

When most college students think of vintage they think of old clothes from their grandmother’s closet. But not every college student thinks that. Furthermore, you might even see college students wearing something from their grandmother’s closet, but not even know it! In fact, in today’s society, you can see more and more college students across the nation pairing vintage pieces with modern day styles.

 Of course, a college student now a day wouldn’t be caught dead wearing head-to-toe vintage. Mostly you will see them pairing an old vintage t-shirt with modern jean skirt, or comfortable pair of jeans. Taking a pair of your mom’s old cowboy boots and wearing them with a modern sundress is a popular trend seen today by many college students. Even celebrities today are pairing vintage with modern on the red carpet, and we all know college students love to follow celebrity trends.

Vintage clothing is a fashionable trend when worn the right way, and college students’ love how trendy it looks. Try visiting a local consignment shop, or vintage boutique. You can find many flattering pieces to wear with your modern day fashion. And after all, vintage is a trend that never seems to go out of style.

Written by our college summer intern at Sydney's Consignment Boutique home of Sydney's Vintage Clothing in Auburn, AL.

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