Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wallflower Vintage Presents: A Ghost Story; Haunted Vintage

You laugh. I work up here. Amongst all these old clothes that came from who knows where.

You don't know.

There are many times I work up here alone.

With them.

You see, it seems the attic holds a little known secret. A small room tucked under the eves. That's where it started. The steamer trunk in the corner of that tiny chamber.

The dresses folded inside the brittle tissue paper were exquisite. One couldn't help but touch them, and puzzle over from whence they came. An odd note accompanied the trunk; '1832 - Meine Braut Hildegard, dass sie nun in Ruhe schlaeft' it read. I ignored it.

Now, I am in the business of old clothes. Such was the needlework on these dresses - the beading so intricate; indeed they were fit for a princess - I had to have them in my collection.

Ever since, I have been plagued by bad spirits, they lurk in every corner. They move pieces of clothing around - especially the wedding dresses. Pins fly out of darkened corners. Scissors appear to seemingly hover over newly tattered lace gowns. Scraps of lace appear on an old mannequin. Over and over again. Evenings, when the wind blows through the leaky roof, I can hear her - it must be her, searching for her groom; she is lost to him.

It is with a pounding heart and sweaty palms I write this as a warning to you. I sold those dresses - I didn't dare tell the person who purchased them, but the ghosts remain here. I got rid of the trunk to no avail - they must find comfort amongst the other period clothing. I move with them now, I speak kindly and have been forewarned that they would like me to join them someday soon.

Immediately after this was shot - the hat flew off the mannequin. Lower left corner shows unexplained movement.Unexplained shadows on the floor near where I found the old steamer trunk.
Almost looks like a hand or claw. Taken evening of May 25, 2011. I was the only one there.


Niecy said...

I just discovered this blog/site. Wow, I love it. I love it because I love vintage and I believe! Very interesting and would make a great book.

Gwen , the vintage seamstress said...

I think you need to watch that new show that aired last night on SCiFI channel. Its about haunted collections and a group comes and does an investigation and then removes what they think is still creating the haunting. I have lots of antique and vintage I deal with, had a button thrown at me once while I was sitting in my basement sewing room... so I get your drift.

Niecy said...

You have to post more stories or are there some older ones I haven't seen? I will check out the Scfy show. I find this so interesting! Thanks.

Vintage Hairstyling Lauren said...

Crazy. A friend and I were just talking the other night about ghosts attaching to vintage clothes. He's a collector and has had some pretty spooky stories. Makes me want to Sage my closet.

tiffany said...

so it's 2:20 am and I just read your post. I have a small vintage shop in Palo Alto, CA called Empire Vintage. I too have experienced a lot of the paranormal- including LOTS in the shop.

We had a pair of red 1970's dingo cowgirl boots FLY off the shelf 3 times at random men walking in the shop. We had at least 15 gals try them on- and no one wanted them (um... red boots? with a heel? really?) at this time I also had the can of Aqua Net (giggle at that, how frightening!) THROWN at me in the bathroom.

so I went to this lil shop in santa cruz ca. called Serpents kiss- and bought some protection oils and sage. It seems to have slowed at the shop- but in full swing at my house! The sprits stay with the clothes. No doubt.