Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seamless Path to Vintage-Toronto Star Featured Article

SLV - Some Like it Vintage and me :-) were featured in the Toronto Star newspaper.

The star's article focuses on achieving the vintage look with reproductions - a growing industry that I have recently embraced. As vintage clothing becomes more and more trendy, this also leads to a diminishing of available stock. Not to mention the sizes for a modern woman are not always available. This has led me to think about how I offer my dresses. 

Every week I receive an email from someone saying how they "love that dress, but do you have it in my size? Can I let out the waist?". Sadly, the answer is often a no, so it led me to reproducing those particular dresses to fit today's lady.

I'm proud to announce I now offer vintage reproduction dresses in modern fabrics and modern sizes. Any one of our dresses can be reproduced - just choose the dress and send me your measurements! Dresses start at $150.

Don't worry, I still carry fabulous authentic vintage, and always will!

One shoulder 1950s Chiffon Wiggle Dress-Coming Soon!

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