Sunday, May 15, 2011

Collectible Purses at Noble Savage Vintage

One thing I realized at the last Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is that my Vintage and Antique purse collection is out of control.  I cannot help myself when I see these wonderful and unique collectible purses.  The time has come to to add them to the Nobel Savage Vintage shop on Ruby Lane.  The purses attached to this Blog all date to the 1920's and 1930's.  Of course I have many others, both older and more modern in the shop.  The lovely Whiting and Davis Enamel Purses are just the perfect colors for Spring or Summer and will put the finishing touch on  your special occasion ensemble.  The beaded bags at the bottom of the Blog are works of art.  All would be a fine addition to any collection. 

Whiting and Davis Enamel Mesh Purse
Whiting and Davis Enamel Beadlite Purse

Whiting and Davis Soldered Dresden Mesh Purse
Collectible Cut Steel Carpet Pattern Purse
French Carpet Pattern Beaded Purse

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