Monday, April 11, 2011

Your prom dress does not have to be a one time wear!

Back in time around 1958 people were a bit more frugal than they are now. They re-used clothing that had been purchased for special occasions. One such time I know of personally is my Mom and Dad's wedding. My Dad's sister, Louise, used her prom dress as her maid of honor's dress for my parent's wedding. Just by adding a lovely headpiece and a new pair of shoes, this prom dress became a maid of honor dress.

Aunt Louise in her prom/maid of honor dress in 1958

There's no reason in these tough financial times why you can't learn a lesson from the past and do the same. So why not look around to see what pieces can be used more than once? We invite you to do so at Born Too Late Vintage.

Vintage 1950s Cocktail Clip Hat in Pink Satin w
Smoky Bead Sparkles

Vintage 1960s Silver and Pink Brocade Fitted
Column Gown B30 W26 H32

Vintage 1950s Silver Stilettos from Nanette Originals
size 7AAAA

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