Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring came....and went...

Here in the upper left corner of America ....Spring arrived with 2 warm sunny days and 1 sultry night....This happened right after tax day (the later date) and that was, if you do the math....almost 3 weeks after the official arrival of the Real Spring says the calender. Rainy and windy today. sigh.
Before I break out the wild and crazy prints, I generally stick a sandalized toe out in the sun in a black dress. It seems to straddle the winter and The Sun Times just fine. Here's what's fresh...and black at funkomavintage.

60s Buttons and Bows big Polka Dot vintage dress

Polka Dot Ruffled sundress Black vintage dress

Sweet 1950s Cotton Eyelet black vintage dress

And the vintage sandals and shoes that go with!

40s style vintage Black White stripe peep toe shoes 6.5

vintage black Gladiator lace up sandals shoes 7.5


Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I really LOVE the shoes! Spring came and went around here also, though, we had a whole week of warm. Cloudy, rainy and stormy today. There is hope of the weather changing for the better sometime this week.:) Wishing you warmer days ahead. xOx

propriatress said...

oh, it's such a tease, that weather thing. The sun will come back...I'm so impatient!