Friday, April 1, 2011

Dressing up in Easter Finery!

Do you remember dressing up on Easter Sunday when you were little? I do. I remember my mom dressing my sister and I in adorable dresses, short white gloves, polished Mary Jane shoes, and, yes, even little Easter hats! The ladies in my family would dress up in pretty dresses or suits, and the gents would wear suits or nice sports coats, dress shirts, and ties. When Easter fell early in the season and lightweight coats were in order, lovely corsages adorned the ladies’ coats.

Even though life is so much more casual today, you still see people dressed up in church or out at brunch on Easter Sunday. So, why do we dress up so much more on Easter—whether for church or a meal out? One reason is obvious—it’s the day the resurrection of Christ is celebrated. But, did you know that Easter was celebrated long before that?

Named for Eastre (or Oestre), an Anglo-Saxon goddess, Easter originated as a celebration of early spring. The symbols of the Easter bunny and the egg represent fertility, or new life (a rebirth of nature). Over time, the symbols and rituals of this ancient tradition were incorporated into the Christian celebration of the resurrection (return to life), as well as into some Jewish Passover traditions. Among those symbols are flowers and the colors of spring. Newer traditions, such as Easter bonnets and the Easter Parade, have added even more celebratory elements to the holiday. Easter bonnets may have been a result of the colorful hats decorated with fresh flowers that were worn by Civil War widows coming out of mourning on “Joyful Sunday,” which was Easter. Or, it’s been speculated that Easter Sunday was once a popular day for weddings, and the wearing of dressier apparel, including fancy bonnets, carried over once that custom came to an end.

But, no matter how you celebrate Easter, one thing’s for sure—there’s no better way to dress up for the day than in your spring-best vintage fashions! The sellers of Reflections of Vintage have a few you might like!

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