Monday, March 7, 2011

Treasuredress...Introducing a treasure of vintage jewels

For as long as I can remember I've been stealing my mother's fabulous heyday clothes which had me the envy of my peers. I was able to express my individuality with the help of her quirky bits and pieces she had collected over the years. These vintage pieces were elsewhere unattainable and always far more unique than anything I could find on the high street. So I started hunting around in vintage stores, discovering how thrilling it was to find fashion with a story to tell. That's when I fell in love - with vintage shopping. This was the inspiration behind my boutique Treasuredress, I needed to re-create that thrill and enlighten others to how wonderful vintage can be! The idea was to re-introduce my vintage finds as edgy, contemporary fashion so I wanted to target not only vintage wearers but also reach shoppers who have never dared to wear pre-loved clothing. So it's finally here, after a year of collecting, saving, collecting some more...I finally launched my dream boutique. Treasuredress is a trend led collective of vintage clothing designed to fit neatly into the modern woman's closet. A treasure of jewels just waiting to be discovered... 

Alongside pretty dresses and accessories Treasuredress also has a charming little Bridal Boutique so if you're due to get hitched then check it out. We are based here in the cold and drizzly old UK so when I look back on these photos they remind me of how lovely (but short!) our summers can be. These images were taken down on Brighton beach back in late summer last year and it was such a gorgeous day for showing off our lovely vintage dresses to the very intrigued passing tourists. All garments are available at the shop or will be coming soon. 

Pleated Chiffon 1980's Short Dress                    Satin 1940's Gown                   1960's Lace Tiered Skirt & Cami

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OnePerfectDay said...

These are so beautiful!!
They're all so special!