Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Additions to the shop: Fedoras

I am preparing to add men's hats, vests, jackets and shirts to my shop.   I thought I would start off with a few fedoras (great for the Ladies too, by the way).  Don't see the size or color you are looking for, let me know.  I still have more waiting to be shot. 
I love researching my items and always get especially excited when I find an ad for the very item I have for sale.  This ad is from a 1961 newspaper and displays how versatile this hat can be.  The Dobbs Double Life .

The Dobbs Double Life
1950's Straw Pork pie
1950's Brown Stetson Fedora
1960's Anton Peschel Velour Fedora
1950's Grey London Fedora

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