Thursday, March 3, 2011

Having trouble picking a favorite vintage era? You don't have to!

While it's fine if you prefer a specific era of vintage clothing to dress in, some of us just can't pick just one. At Born Too Late Vintage we feel that there are plenty of eras that you can mix and match successfully, even with some modern items as well. Mixing vintage accessories with an up cycled vintage dress is a great way to tie in accessories from different eras and also recycle something that was unwearable as it was.

Vintage 1950s Sultry Black Beaded Clip Hat

Vintage 1960w Designer Harvey Berin Up Cycled Daisy Chain
Flirty Dress B34 W28 H46 plus

Vintage 1950s Di Orsini Black Stilettos size 8

Vintage 1940s Black Rayon Corde Fan Purse w Twisted Lucite
Handles and Lucite Horseshoe Zipper Pull

1 comment:

Hippie said...

I would say I prefer the 1920's. The style and clothing worn has not been seen since. We owe a lot to the roaring 20's many barriers came down from a fashion sense.:)