Friday, February 25, 2011

Vanity Fair Leopard Prints

The first vintage items I ever started selling was vintage Vanity Fair lingerie. I sold nighties, slips, panties, and girdles/garters. VF is pretty much one of the nicest vintage lingerie items you can find. The nylon they used back in the day was slippery soft and yummy!

They had great colors and style, and their prints were stunning! One of my fave prints is of course leopard, so with no surprise VF leopard prints are one the most popular and loved prints (leopard is great anyways).

It also is one of the more coveted items with VF fans, and sometimes one of the hardest to find. In 8 years of selling vintage items, I have only found maybe 5 leopard print VF items, including this one I photoshot with last year!

Imagine my surprise finding THIS one! I have never seen this one before (I searched online and could not find this top anywhere). It is a sheer nylon leopard print top from the 50s/60s, with the blue script tag, 3/4 sleeves, v-neck and back, and the waist has black seams with a nipped in waist, which is VERY unusual! Most of the time it's a straight waist!

This top is purrrrrrr-fect for the pinup girl crowd! The bust area is a tad pointy for the bullet bra wearers, and the nipped waist will really flatter those curves!

It is in store right now, starting at ONLY $9.99!


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