Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miss Saigon

Could anything be sexier than a red 1950s dress? This one is a VERY rare find, being that it was from Saigon, pre-Vietnam. Made by a Mary Rina, she must have been a seamstress there at the time, since we had never heard of her.

The dress is made from a cherry red rayon brocade with a floral and Asian symbol patter. Not sure what the symbol is though.

And to top it all off, the dress has a large bust AND waist! Which makes it an even rarer find! And in perfect condition with no flaws!

SHOP IT HERE or peek below!

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Anonymous said...

How interesting. I have been looking for Mary Rina since 2003 when my boyfriend inherited a doll in traditional Vietnamese dress. She's beautiful and comes in a box with a sticker which says Mary-Rina,Saigon. At the time I went online to discover she was a seamstress in or around 1952 in Saigon and that was all the information available. She has certainly caught my interest and I would love to learn more about her and this beautiful doll.